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Quality furniture that lasts

We produce exclusively in sustainable plantation teak wood. SVLK and Flegt certified plantation teak, with a high oil content and extreme hardness. We use no chemicals or coloring. Teak wood of this quality can last for generations, even without any treatment, and is therefore the absolute best natural material for garden furniture.

We chose to buy from Anker Denmark for the high quality and beautiful design. We are also happy to have been able to add to our collection over the years, and are very satisfied with both quality and service."

Niels Erik Johansen, Andelsboligforningen Frederiksberg A/B

Why Anker?

We can make customized offers on garden furniture for companies, architects and organizations. We put together the right offer and advise so that you as a customer are sure to receive the right combination of quality garden furniture in core teak wood for your visitors. Whether it is garden chairs, garden tables, sun loungers or sun beds, we make the right offer for your new garden furniture and provide extended warranty and service.

- Quality and longevity

- Sustainable production

- Advice on choice

- Extended service

- Wide range - We maintain our classic range of garden furniture.

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